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Explore your future

The tools and apps available to you today all focus on your past, how much you spent last month. Use plot to plan tomorrow, your future.

All your wishes, in one place.

Store and organise all the things you want in one location. Simply drag and drop any Wish on to your plot and see the impact it will have on your future.

What do you want?
A wish can be anything; A new pet, pay off your debt or even learning a new skill.

Easier decision making

See how decisions made today will affect you tomorrow.
Budgets are Broken
How are you supposed to make a decision today, not knowing what the impact will be tomorrow, next month or even in 5 years down the line.
Get Simple Answers
Yes, No , Maybe. You can’t always get everything now. But plot will tell you when!

*Currently limited functionality in Beta v0.1

We’re always thinking and asking “When?” Plot gives you the insight you need to plan your future. Just plot it.

No spreadsheets. No budgets. No categories.

Be rough
Planning for your future shouldn’t have to be exact
Quick setup
Get plotting in just a minute
No bank information or data is required. We dont even ask.

What is the community plotting?


Nike Free Run +3

Netflix subscription

Samsung OLED TV 55”

Cooking class

Yoga mat


Use plot for your
wedding budget

Budget your
renovation project

Explore the impact
different mortgages will
have on your life


What If I move to
a new city?

When Can I get a dog?

When can i take
that holiday?

We’re changing the way you plan your personal finances, explore your future and make decisions.

We have a lot more coming soon, including a bigger About and Team section.

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